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Empowering Caregivers to Say No to Pneumonia

Nopneu is creating a paradigmn shift in infant mortality. 

Every year, pneumonia kills more children than measles, malaria and AIDS combined. We can't accept this fact!  We are a social enterprise, biotech startup. Through innovative technology and the flagship product, Nopneu, we are equipping caregivers to say no to pneumonia. The diagnostic test allows users, without specialized knowledge to more effectively diagnose pneumonia in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods,  such as chest x-rays or currently available lab tests, from a hospital or even the comfort of home.

In addition to innovative technology, we are committed to changing the larger systemic issues that influence infant mortality through sharing stories and building communities. A percentage of all profits are donated to outreach efforts and organizations that are committed to addressing these social determinants.

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The Backstory 

My name is Temiloluwa Adeniyi. I am the Founder and CEO of Nopneu, LLC. Nopneu, LLC started in Cincinnati, Ohio when I realized the magnitude of infant mortality from pneumonia, while doing a college project , and sought an innovative solution that leveraged my biomedical engineering background.

In addition to my engineering experiences, my experience in accessing affordable healthcare interventions, as well as my family's experiences,  have collectively influenced my passion to transform health care by engineering affordable and transformative technology. 

The same passion I have is the passion that is at the core of Nopneu, LLC. We are committed to creating paradigmn shifts in infant mortality by not only addressing the technological needs of caregivers and health care professionals, but also addressing the underlying social determinants that influence infant mortality, through building community, sharing stories and equipping caregivers to be change agents in their own communities. Our dream is that one day that all people will have access to affordable and quality health care and will be able say no to pneumonia!   


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